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Use of function keys in PIAS

Within PIAS function keys are also being used. These keys act as shortcuts, performing certain functions. The following options facilitate the use of input window:

  • F1 – Opens the context-sensitive help reader.
  • F2 – In order to edit the text in a cell, the can be used. The existing text will then become modifiable.
  • F3 – To edit a longitudinal position, enables the conversion from frames to meters
  • F4 – It offers the same frame position conversion options as , however, now shown in a popup window.
  • F5 – Modify the cell value to an absolute or referential value.

The use of the function keys should allow the user to work faster. Especially the F1 button is very helpful if you want to know more about a module and don’t want to search for a long time in the manual.

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