EDI-IMDG Validation Tool

Sail safer and save time

The EDI-IMDG Validator can read a complete load from an EDI/BAPLIE file and perform a check on stowage issues and segregation conflicts for all combinations of dangerous goods in the load.

Compliance with IMDG code

Each transported substance needs to be checked for conflicts with all other transported substances and the position of its Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) on the vessel needs to be validated and this can be done with the EDI-IMDG tool.


Save time and money!

The EDI-IMDG Validator takes the manual checking out of your hands and does a complete check of all combinations and points you directly to the possible segregation conflicts or stowage issues for further review.

Higher standard of safety at lower effort.

The EDI-IMDG Validator allows for a more thorough and more efficient check of a vessel’s load, thus increasing the safety of the vessel, its crew and reducing the risk of environmental pollution.


Easy to work with.

The tool can read a load from an EDI/Baplie message and checks the compliance of the load with the latest IMDG amendment. View our leaflet here.