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Design any hull form, directly in 3D.

Designing with Fairway is like drafting a lines plan on paper, only better. Built as a module on the PIAS platform, you can easily have other PIAS modules calculate and analyse your design on the fly.

Take control of your design.

Fairway desktop

Fairway enables you to manipulate the hull geometry directly and accurately, by giving you direct control over waterlines, frames, buttock, point coordinates, tangents, line types, and much more.

In other words, Fairway is far easier to work with than the usual NURBS surface modelers, where, commonly, the irregular network of lines required to describe even the simplest of vessels will require multiple NURBS surfaces to model. In Fairway, this irregular network is just the result of the design process, not the governing principle.

Prepare for shipbuilding.

Fairway provides the right tools for getting your vessel ready for production. For instance, it can automatically modify the hull to match actual developable plates.

And since you’ve got the complete PIAS toolkit at your fingertips, you can just as easily check what types of forces and loads your vessel will be able to handle.

Compatible with other popular design toolkits.

With Fairway, you can easily export your hull forms to NUPAS, MasterShip, Finite Element and CFD software, DXF, IGES, VRML, tables of offsets, et cetera.

DXF wire frame models and IGES NURBS surface models can just as easily be converted back to Fairway solids.

Catch a glimpse of what Fairway has to offer.

Check out more of Fairway’s functionalities in the gallery of Fairway examples.

View the gallery of Fairway examples

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