Get started with PIAS' most used functions.

PIAS' most used functions are bundled into four packages based on different use cases. For more advanced usage, the full PIAS module list can be found further below.

Hull design and lines plan

  • Design hulls using Fairway
  • Transform hull forms
  • Produce lines plan drawings
  • Hull design and lines plan

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Hydrostatics and intact stability

  • Input loading conditions
  • Calculate intact stability
  • Calculate hydrostatics
  • Input tank data

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Resistance and propulsion

  • Predict displacement resistance
  • Predict pre-planing resistance
  • Predict pontoon resistance
  • Calculate B-series propellers

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+ Damage stability

  • All functions listed above
  • Calculate damage stability
  • Calculate floodability

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Full PIAS function list

Hull definition (Fairway method)

The Fairway module consists of a hull form designer. All the module's possible functions are listed below. To get started with Fairway, select the 'Hull design' package above.

10.10 Fairway basic functions and GUI
10.20 Automatic fairing
10.30 Primitive linetypes
10.40 Curved surfaces
10.50 Developable surfaces
10.60 Hull form transformation
10.70 Shell plate expansions and templates double curved plates
10.80 Shell plate expansions developable surfaces
10.200 Configure and produce lines plan drawing
10.300 Export functions
10.300.10 Export to DXF 2D (Polylines)
10.300.20 Export to DXF 3D (Polylines)
10.300.30 Export to DXF 3D (NURBS lines)
10.300.40 Export to IGES NURBS lines
10.300.50 Export to IGES NURBS faces
10.300.60 Export to Poseidon
10.300.70 Export to Dawson
10.300.80 Export to STL
10.400 Import functions
10.400.10 Import from DXF and IGES
10.500 Fairway Hull server

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