Join forces with the expert naval architects of SARC.

Our naval architects are heavily involved with the design of vessels and floating structures of all shapes and sizes, on a daily basis. Whether you just need some advice, or you're looking to outsource your design calculations: our team is ready to help.

What can we do for you?


Intact stability
Intact stability calculations for all types of vessels and floating structures, including tankers, inland waterway vessels, (split) hopper dredgers, jack-up platforms, and crane barges.

Damage stability
Deterministic or probabilistic damage stability calculations for all types of vessels, including hopper dredgers.

Grain stability
Grain stability calculations in accordance with the Grain Code.


Tank sounding
Calculations based on tank sounding measurements.

Vessel optimizations
Optimization of existing cargo vessels with respect to probabilistic damage stability. Trim optimizations to minimize resistance. Determining a vessel's expected power and speed.

Comparative studies
Comparative studies on a vessel's structural integrity and damage stability.

Design & testing

Vessel design
Design of vessels of various types, including inland waterway passenger vessels and float-on/float-off submersible vessels.

Hull form fairing
Vessel fairing and shell plate expansions of all types of vessels. Adjust hull forms to match developable shell plates or include templates for curved shell plates.

Measure an existing hull form by means of photogrammetry.

Production tests
Lightweight checks and inclining tests.

Other calculations

Structural integrity
Calculations of structural strength properties, including longitudinal strength.

Floating structures
Calculation of floatability, forces and moments of floating structures, including jack-up platforms, floating motorway tunnel elements, floating swimming pools, and moveable flood barriers.

Seakeeping calculations of offshore transports.

Special cases
Some vessels require additional non-standard calculations we may be able to offer. For example, we offer ballast calculations for crane barges, and stability calculations for 'estuary traffic' inland waterway vessels.