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Cargo Weight module renewed

The cargo weight module is designed to do a draft survey. Before and after loading the drafts are measured. These values give a difference in displacement. When taking into account the difference in consumables, the (un)loaded cargo weight is determined.

The module could also be used to check if a loading condition in LOCOPIAS matches the observed drafts. If necessary, a correction could be made to the loading condition. This helps to be sure the stability calculations are made with the correct weights.

With the renewal of this module, it has become clearer that the module can be used in two ways. Both ways of using have their own output buttons in the top right corner:

  • Verify displacement for selected loading condition with observed draft marks.
  • Compare condition to print the cargo weight determination report.

Also more data is made available directly on the screen.


From now on this is no longer only a LOCOPIAS module, but also available for the PIAS users.