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LOCOPIAS module: Damage stability

This module calculates whether the relevant mandatory damage cases comply with the stability requirements in damaged condition. This module calculates the end stage of flooding as well as the intermediate stages of flooding, even when unequal stages of flooding occur. This covers types 1, 2 and 3 stability software, while type 4 software is satisfied with damage control.


The effect of free surfaces in tanks is accounted for by calculating the actual shift of centre of gravity of the liquid in the tanks. The use of this “direct-calculation-method” allows for a more accurate calculation of the vessel stability without the need to “overcorrect” the vessel’s stability with a free-surface moment correction. These large overcorrections mainly occur when tank are almost full or almost empty.

LOCOPIAS takes in account the potential outflow of liquid from a damaged tank. This in order to account for the actual effect of a specific damage case. The effects on stability of an empty or full tank being damaged are noticeably different.

LOCOPIAS also allows for assessment of an actual damage case. The Damages module allows the user to specify which compartments are damaged, after which LOCOPIAS will calculate the actual stability condition of the vessel.



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