PIAS Initial Training

After the course the participants have basic knowledge about PIAS as a ship design and statutory calculation program. The participants are able to create their own ship project from start and after defining all the necessary definitions, conduct calculations and output with the created model.

We recently released this course online and it can be downloaded here: Online materials

This course is intended for persons who have no or little previous PIAS experience.

The course consists of a coherent package of basic information needed in modeling and calculation with PIAS. During the training course, every participant will create a complete 3D ship model containing the hull form and watertight compartments, to be used in the stability calculations. The basic hydrostatic analysis for the watertight hull and individual watertight compartments are conducted by using the created ship model. The intact stability calculations are performed for a set of created loading conditions. The course covers also the deterministic damage stability calculations and stability criteria analysis to evaluate the rule compliance of intact and damage stability of the ship.

The most common general PIAS tools, such as Hulldef, Layout, Loading and output tools, are also covered during the course.

PIAS Initial Training