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Workshop on regulations for anchor handlers

Different regulations are used for vessels with designation Anchor Handling:

  1. Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) from 2007: Guidelines for immediate measures on supply ships and tugs that are used for anchor handling.
  2. Bureau Veritas (BV) amendments January 2014, Pt. D Ch. 14 Sec. 2 Reg. 5: Additional requirements for anchor handling vessels.
  3. Intact Stability Code (IS) 2020, part B, section 2.7.
  4. GL rules I-6, 2012 edition, Section 27 Anchor Handling and Towing Ships
  5. Other?

These rules, though sharing a similar purpose, prescribe different formulae for the forces and moments to be taken into account when assessing stability for anchor handling vessels. The results of these calculations can be expressed in tables of allowable anchor chain forces, or in a polar plot of maximum allowable anchor chain forces for a given loading condition.

SARC has implemented both polar plots of allowable anchor chain forces (for a given loading condition) and the tables of allowable anchor chain forces for the first 3 of the requirements listed above. Still, many questions are asked because results may sometimes conflict with users’ expectations. Additionally, some of these rules include some formulae of which the purpose and background are obscure.

Just as for other complex stability calculations, SARC will offer a workshop/training on the ins and outs of above rules.

The following subjects will be presented:

  • Overview of listed requirements:
    • Calculation of moments and forces included
    • Background of specific presumptions
    • Required input data
  • Procedural approach for:
    • Tables of allowable anchor chain forces
    • Polar plots of allowable anchor chain forces
  • Examples in PIAS and LOCOPIAS
  • How to verify of results (example).
  • Q&A

If you are interested, please contact SARC for further details. The first workshop is planned on December 13 2019, from 10:00 to 16:00 in Bussum, the Netherlands.