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Stability calculations for modular crane pontoons

For De Heer land en water SARC delivered a series of stability booklets. De Heer land en water operate multiple modular pontoons for inland waterway maintenance works, such as dredging and construction. The pontoons are interconnectable, so for every job a suitable size can be chosen. However, once the ponton is equipped with a crane, according to the ES-TRIN regulations it is required to have a stability calculation for every configuration. The number of possible configurations was seemingly endless, considering the number of pontoons and the number of cranes.

In close consultation with the approving authority, SARC developed a method to quickly asses the safety of a large number of cranes on one specific pontoon. This greatly reduced the number of calculations that needed to be done compared to the normal way where each pontoon configuration and each crane is to be assessed separately.

This way SARC could offer a better price and delivery time. Also the approval process could be finished sooner.

De heer ponton