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Second generation intact stability criteria scan

You might know that IMO is currently developing an additional set of intact stability criteria, the so-called “Second generation intact stability criteria”. It is expected that its development will be finalized around 2019, so it might become sensible to verify some of your ships or designs against these criteria. An occasional PIAS user is already working on that, but for those who lack the time or resources SARC offers this as a service.

Cougar Ace on side starboard side 800x533

To make sure this won’t happen

Given a ship design and an intact stability booklet, the scan consists of evaluating a number of loading conditions (with a maximum of 5) against those particular 2nd gen.stab. criteria which have reached a certain state of maturity:

  • Parametric roll, first level, and second level (C1 factor only).
  • Pure loss of stability, level one and two (however, the latter without the relaxation of wave height up to the highest 3%).
  • Surfriding and broaching, first level.
  • Dead ship stability, first level.
  • Excessive acceleration, first level.

The deliverable will be a report with results and conclusions.

Please find here a leaflet with more details.