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SARC presents: ‘Recent and future developments of PIAS’ webinars

During this global pandemic we are trying to stay in touch with PIAS users and our other followers and keep them updated about our software. Just before the CoVid-19 pandemic we have visited some companies to inform them personally of our recent, current and future developments within SARC and on PIAS, Fairway and LOCOPIAS.

Because of the changed circumstances, we now want to demonstrate such online and we invite you to join in on our webinars about “Recent, current and future developments in PIAS”. On Thursday June 18th 2020 at 14:00 we started the first webinar via a live stream at YouTube via our channel. We encourage you to share this link with colleagues. Live streams are automatically converted into a video and can be viewed with the same link.

Subjects of all webinars:

Recent and current developments (18-06-2020 14:00 CET):
• SARC BV, current status
• Piping systems integrated in PIAS
• Stability over the ‘weakest axis”
• Simultaneous operation of multiple PIAS modules.
• Multithreading
• Other bits and pieces

Future developments: (25-06-2020 14:00 CET)
• Integrated module for all types of cargo
• Second generation intact stability criteria
• Voyage concept in LOCOPIAS
• Ship motions module
• Load optimization

Fairway developments: (06-08-2020 14:00 CET)
• Graphical User Interface has been rationalized
• Modelling in Fairway

Layout developments: (13-08-2020 14:00 CET)
• Weight of planes
• Volume of tank in GUI
• Interface bulkheads with CADMATIC
• Implementation piping

Loading / LOCOPIAS developments: (03-09-2020 14:00 CET)
• Hopper stability in Loading
• Flooded tanks
• IMDG module

Miscellaneous developments: (10-09-2020 14:00 CET)
• Services like probabilistic damage stability calculation on a viginti core computer and many more.
• Academy
• And more