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SARC 2016: presenting the new logo, website and telephone numbers

Since its establishment in 1980, SARC has been using the Good Vibes font for its logo. On May 1st SARC celebrated its 36th birthday, which we consider to be a good opportunity for a fresh logo:

sarc logo 09


logo + slogan

The logo designer has motivated his creation with these words: “A wave is the most identifying visual form that symbolizes water in its purest way. Water is the only constant element SARC always takes into account. Incorporating the wave as the integral part of the letter ‘A’ guarantees such a strong and iconic visual appearance. The logotype – as a typographic only logo – by itself is one of the strongest categories of logos. When executed right, it will become the company’s synonym”. In the curly shape of the A the former seascape of our business cards and leaflets is reflected, as depicted in one of the designers’ design sketches:

30-5-2016 11-17-59

A second renewal concerns SARC’s telephone numbers. The general number has been changed into +31 850409040 (although the former +31 35 6915024 will remain in service for some time). Furthermore, each member of the permanent SARC crew can be reached directly, at these numbers:

SARC +31 850409040
Marion Goddijn +31 850409041
Mark Visser +31 850409042
Guido Vijn +31 850409043
Douwe Plukkel +31 850409044
Egbert van IJken +31 850409045
Herbert Koelman +31 850409046
Casimir Koelman +31 850409047
Remco v.d. Berkt +31 850409048
Bart Soede +31 850409049
Johannes van Houten +31 850409050
Bastiaan Veelo +31 850409051
Raffaele Frontera +31 850409053
Abraham de Ronde +31 850409054

Finally, also the website has been refreshed. From today it is available at the familiar Essentially, it contains the same information as before, just with a new layer on top of it, which shows in a glance the products and services that SARC is offering. The bottom of the home page contains a brand new animation movie, which shows the world of SARC in 90 seconds.