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Renewed Lloyd’s Register type approval for LOCOPIAS

Quoting from the new LOCOPIAS Certificate of Approval issued by Lloyd’s Register:

“This is to certify that the above Strength, Intact (Type 1) & Damage (Type 2 & 3) Stability calculationĀ program has been examined in accordance with the relevant Classification Rules and the requirements of Statutory Regulations and is approved for the functions stated on theĀ Supplement attached hereto.”

In plain English: LR confirm that LOCOPIAS is suitable as loading instrument for basically all vessel types that require a CSI (Computer Loading Instrument).

We of course knew that: LOCOPIAS has been approved by many classification societies (including LR) for individual vessels, but still, we are happy that LR have now confirmed such in thus type approval. Note that LOCOPIAS was previously only certified as type 1 and type 3 software, type 2 is now added to the certificate of approval.

Actually, our previous certificate made no explicit references to these type designations, we have assumed for some time that type 2 approval was already included. The impact of this certificate is mainly that it allows more Lloyd’s Register offices to issue certificates for individual versions of LOCOPIAS and that the approval procedures should be cheaper.