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Practicalities of loading instruments for Inland Waterway Tankers

The 16th International Ship Stability Workshop, ISSW 2017 was held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 5th to 7th of June, 2017. During this workshop Herbert Koelman had given a speech about the practicalities of loading instruments for Inland Waterway Tankers.

Intact and damage stability properties of Inland WaterWay (IWW) tankers are being considered to a much greater depth today than they used to be, because the 2015 edition of the applicable legislation not only requires an extensive (damage-) stability manual to be issued, but also an on-board loading computer to be installed. Although the formal framework is set by the rules, there are quite some issues left for interpretation or additional guidance, where also the classification societies play a role. Besides those practical issues, in this paper also data collection, specific loading instrument functions and loading software assessment are discussed. The entire paper can be found in our publications.

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