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Delivery of LOCOPIAS in June 2023

In June, seven vessels have adopted LOCOPIAS, the advanced on-board loading computer software. This cutting-edge solution optimizes cargo management, stability, and safety for enhanced vessel performance. Let’s explore the recent integrations:

Vessels Equipped with LOCOPIAS:

  1. Vessel: Trade Navigator
    • Type: General Cargo Vessel
  2. Vessel: U81
    • Type: Yacht Support Vessel
  3. Vessel: Blue Anouska
    • Type: Inland Waterway Tanker
  4. Vessel: Helas
    • Type: General Cargo Vessel
  5. Vessel: Blue Karin
    • Type: Inland Waterway Tanker
  6. Vessel: Braveheart Spirit
    • Type: Supply Vessel
  7. Vessel: Sapura Rubi
    • Type: Pipe Layer

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The integration of LOCOPIAS on these diverse vessels demonstrates the industry’s recognition of its value in optimizing cargo management, stability, and compliance. LOCOPIAS empowers shipowners and operators to embrace technology-driven solutions for operational excellence, promoting efficient and safe maritime practices. As LOCOPIAS continues to revolutionize vessel operations, these recent integrations highlight the growing demand and commitment to leveraging advanced on-board loading computer software in the maritime industry.