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Delivery of LOCOPIAS in July 2023

In July, seven vessels have adopted LOCOPIAS, the advanced on-board loading computer software. This cutting-edge solution optimizes cargo management, stability, and safety for enhanced vessel performance. Let’s explore the recent integrations:

Vessels Equipped with LOCOPIAS:

  1. Vessel: KS Project
    • Type: General Cargo Vessel
  2. Vessel: Zwerver V
    • Type: Multi Purpose DP2 Support Vessel
  3. Vessel: Hagland Progress
    • Type: General Cargo Vessel
  4. Vessel: Wolverine Spirit 1
    • Type: Fuel Transloading Barge
  5. Vessel: Valencia
    • Type: Inland Waterway Tanker
  6. Vessel: Seapiper
    • Type: Fallpipe vessel
  7. Vessel: Kastaar
    • Type: Inland waterway tanker