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Conoship extends her PIAS package with Fairway

Conoship International, ship designers from Groningen, The Netherlands, is a long lasting user of PIAS; way back in the 1980s they belonged to one of the first users of PIAS, so in the past 25 years numerous ships have been designed and optimized with the PIAS tools. Furthermore, Conoship and SARC have collaborated in quite some research and development projects over the past years. However, also innovative companies need efficient off-the-shelf tools from time to time, so we are glad to announce that Conoship has significantly extended her set of PIAS modules.

Some of these extensions are add-ons to existing functionality, such as the optional GUI for the Loading module, while others will provide new possibilities.  The latter notably being the Fairway module for hull shape design and optimization, including export options to CFD. However, Conoship International would not be Conoship International if they would not have initiated a few Fairway enhancements which are required to match their specific design method and needs. Those new Fairway features will be implemented in the course of the months to come.