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Change of software license protection mechanism

Earlier this year we have sent our customers information on the upgrade of our software license protection mechanism from the hardware lock brand “Sentinel”  to the Codemeter license.

Early next year we will switch permanently to the use of the Codemeter implementation.

After this date you can still use the sentinel, but if you want to change something to your license, you need to switch to the Codemeter first. For this switch below mentioned costs are applicable.

IMG 8316
From the oldest protection mechanism to the newest.

The PIAS software license is currently protected by means of a hardware lock and for the past decades we have used a lock of the brand “Sentinel“ for this.

We have come to the day that the sentinel does no longer provide us with sufficient means to meet the demands of both our customers and ourselves for a more and more flexible license administration and management.

Therefore we have decided to implement a new type of hardware lock named Codemeter, provided by Wibu systems.

The Codemeter implementation has the following main advantages and benefits;

  •  Allows for remote update of the license:  Additional modules and licenses can be remotely enabled or disabled very easily, by means of exchanging a license file with SARC by email. No reinstallation or update of the PIAS software is required, so no down-time.
  • Allows for trail licenses or temporary rental without required update of the PIAS software
  • Gives more flexibility with respect to the number of licenses per module or even a specific function. It is no longer required to keep equal numbers of licenses for all purchased PIAS modules.
  • Better administrative tools for monitoring used licenses on your system or network. Furthermore, with Codemeter it is possible to integrate with third-party license monitoring and management software, for example OpenLM.

The use of the Sentinel is still supported, but will be phased out in the near future. New developments will only be available with the new Codemeter implementation. So although the sentinel remains supported for some time, we urge you to make the switch to the Codemeter implementation now.

From January 2020, changes to your PIAS license using the sentinel will require an update to the Codemeter implementation.

Please contact us if you want to use the temporarily offer, or if you require more information.