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Automated processing of appendages

Since its childhood, PIAS had the feature of an easy definition of upper appendages, such as deckhouses or camber, where manual commands were used to explicitly add or remove the appendages to or from the hullform. With the latest PIAS version this user command is not required anymore; once appendages have been defined, they will automatically be incorporated in the hullform, in accordance with their most recent definition.

2020 01 07 15 29 41

Please be aware that in order to accommodate this new modus operandi, the file format containing the frame shapes has been updated. As usual with PIAS, conversion from old to new format is done automatically, without user intervention. However, it will be evident that elder PIAS version cannot read the new format, so in order to be prepared for the new format it is recommended to download and install the most recent PIAS version.