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Article Naval Architect April 2017

In the April 2017 issue of the Naval Architect journal, an article has been published about recent developments in PIAS. Discussed subjects are:

  • The recent restructuring of the PIAS program suit. PIAS used to contain quite some separate modules, from which many have merged into core functional modules for e.g. hullform design, compartment modelling, intact and deterministic damage stability and probabilistic damage stability. Presently under construction is a local cloud which enables data sharing between the PIAS modules.
  • Conventional data exchange, such as file export to CFD, IGES and the Poseidon scantling program from DNV.GL.
  • Non-conventional data exchange, notable the collaborative design and engineering platform as currently under development in collaboration with CADMATIC.
  • Modelling of geometry of pipe lines in PIAS, and its use in design evaluation (such as probabilistic damage stability) and engineering.

With kind permission of The Naval Architect the article is accessible via this link:

Modular design system re-galvanized_The Naval Architect_April 2017