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ADN 2015 will be effective from April 1st 2015

The new AND rules of January 1st 2013 include a requirement for stability software on board of a double-walled inland waterway tanker, ADN type-C with effect from 1st of January 2015. A computer loading instrument, covering stability and strength, is required in case the skipper cannot easily determine whether an anticipated loading condition is acceptable from in view of stability requirements. Additionally the stability booklet should contain, among other, information regarding longitudinal strength. However, the most recent news is that as of April 1st 2015, Chemical Tankers ADN type-C should comply with the new rules per to obtain a new or renewed certificates. This should give owners, ourselves and classification societies sufficient time to order, implement and approve the required software and documentation. 

SARC has already fully implemented all the new rules of ADN 2015 in LOCOPIAS. We can also provide you with booklets to get approval from any classification society. We provide the intact stability and damage stability for IWW Chemical Tankers.

With regard to ADN 2015, We refer you to the Lloyd’s Register report on this issue at the following link:

Guidance IWW Computer Loading Instruments for Software Suppliers version 4