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LOCOPIAS module: Torsional moments

The calculation of the static torsional moments applies to all ships with large deck opening. The actual static torsional moment shall not exceed the permissible values that are calculated by Class.

The generated output of the calculation shows successively:

  • One or more pages with an overview of all weight items, including name, transverse center of gravity (TCG) and fore- and aft boundary.
  • One or more pages with intermediate results of the torsional moment calculations.
  • A page starting with a few lines displaying position and value of the maximum occuring torsional moment, torsional area and absolute torsional area.
  • A graphical presentation of actual and maximum allowable torsion moments. In a sideview of the vessel the actual torsional moment is shown presented by green curve. The red curve shows the maximum allowable values.

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