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LOCOPIAS module: Tank sounding

Calculation of actual tank contents including effects of list and trim

To be able to determine an accurate determination of the volume and weight of the tank content, LOCOPIAS can be equipped with a special tank reading module. This module has the following characteristics:

  • The user can enter sounding, league, pressure, volume, weight, percentage of filling or temperature. The software determines all corresponding properties instantaneously.
  • The tank geometry (rather than a pre-calculated table) is used to calculate the volume for each tank for the actual trim and heel. There is no need for additional correction tables.
  • Interfaces for many tank measurement systems are available, so at each moment an exact overview of liquid content can be available, without further data entry.
  • For vessels which carry petroleum products, a variety of temperature-volume correction tables is available: 54A, 54B, 54C, 55. Corrections can also be set manually. Moreover, a change in tank volume (caused by the deflection of steel under temperature fluctuations) is compensated for.
  • Each collection of tank weights can serve as a basis for new loading conditions.

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