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LOCOPIAS module: RoRo

For ships with RoRo capacity

The RoRo module is intended for rolling cargo. RoRo cargo can be positioned on all defined RoRo decks. The weight and centres of gravity of the RoRo cargo are incorporated in the loading condition. RoRo cargo stowage plans and loading lists can be printed. This module is an add-on for LOCOPIAS and is applicable for vessels with RoRo capacity.

Some highlights of this module are:

  • Collision checking with other (positioned) cargo, deck outline and other defined deck obstructions;
  • Integrated (user maintainable) database for storage of frequent occurring cargo items. Records all intended actions (for re-assessment or replay);
  • Cargo can be rotated;
  • Check of available deck height and maximum deckload;
  • Output of stowage plan and lists of RoRo cargo.


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