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LOCOPIAS module: Intact stability

  • For each loading condition the stability is calculated, taking into account the actual trim of the vessel, both upright and inclined. This aspect is very important for an accurate result, because the stability can significantly change due to the effect of trim. Take for instance a pram-type aft body, which may be just above the water level at level trim. If trimmed by the stern, the aft body could enter the water and thus increase the initial stability considerably.
  • The stability parameters are tested against the minimum applicable stability requirements. Criteria may include Intact Stability code 2020 (which includes the former A.749), but for specific types of vessels dozens of alternative criteria are available. The minimum and actual values for individual criteria are printed with an overall conclusion of compliance. Furthermore, the maximum allowable VCG’ to match the criteria is calculated and compared with the actual VCG’.

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