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LOCOPIAS module: Grain/bulk

As an aid to assess the stability of a vessel loaded with bulk or grain in bulk, LOCOPIAS can be equipped with a dedicated grain/bulk loading module.

This module performs the following functions:

  • Selection and positioning of moveable grain bulkheads, or tweendeck panels;
  • Selection of grain holds, and filling of those holds by volume, weight, ullage or percentage;
  • After the filling of the holds, the LCG, VCG and heeling moments (in case of grain) of the cargo are determined automatically;
  • Verification of compliance against the relevant grain stability criteria;
  • At any desired moment, stability or strength particulars can be evaluated and verified against the relevant criteria.


For grain loading the stowage and stability parameters are in accordance with the IMO International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk (International Grain Code)


The LOCOPIAS grain module can be applied for vessels with:

  • Single holds or multiple holds;
  • Relocatable grain bulkheads;
  • Relocatable tween decks;
  • Combinations of relocatable bulkheads and tween decks.


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