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LOCOPIAS module: Containers

For container vessels LOCOPIAS can be equipped with a dedicated container module

This module is essential for vessels with a significant container capacity. It allows for the interactive positioning of containers of any size, and contains numerous loading options, amongst which electronic data exchange.

Some highlights of this module are:

  • The module is founded upon a 3-D representation of container distribution. It allows the user to show any desired combination of rows, bays and tiers, and to work in a sequence and orientation selected by the user;
  • Suitable for all kinds of containers. The module has no restrictions at all with regard to the container type (20′, 30′, 40′, 45′, 48′, 52′ or every other length, with random breadth and height of each container) or loading combination. (Refrigerated containers are also supported);
  • Drawings and lists of container loading details, either sorted by bay, row or tier;
  • At any desired moment, stability or strength particulars can be evaluated and verified against the relevant criteria
  • Alarm on exceeding maximum stack load;
  • Only consistent container loading is accepted. For instance, containers can only be placed where/if the slots underneath are also occupied;
  • Database management functions for import and export of container data and loading conditions;
  • Integrates seamlessly with LOCOPIAS line of sight module;
  • Container cargo positioned above deck is automatically included in the calculation of the windcontour of the vessel.
  • Optional IMDG module¬†assists in the loading of dangerous cargo by real time validation against the IMDG requirements.

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