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Background: Capsizing and sinking tugs by flooding Engine Rooms (ER)

  • When a tug heels to large angles, rapid flooding occurs through deck ER vent (A)
  • Flooding of large ER space leads to rapid sinking / capsizing with loss of lives.
  • Although ER vents have been moved up to increase the heeling angle, there is presently no solution to prevent flooding a large angles up to 90° or higher.


SAFERVENTS offers practical solution to prevent ER flooding through ER vents

  • Safe and simple solution up to heeling angles of 90° or even more.
  • Absolutely reliable solution without mechanical moving parts.
  • Easy to integrate in design with low installation cost (even retro-fitting possible).
  • Safe and simple solution. Both deck vents are connected by watertight red and green cross pipes; ”Green” from the SB deck vent (A) to the PS opening into the ER room (B). (and ”Red” vice-versa).


No mechanical parts, always functioning!

safervents-3 safervents-4
Although SB ER vent (A) submerges, no water flows through green pipe into ER. Even at 90° heeling angle, absolutely no water enters through large ER pipes.


SAFERVENTS are patented technology
A cooporative development of SARC and IMC
For more information (on licensing) please contact SARC