LOCOPIAS Manual Seagoing Vessels  2021
Loading Computer Software

LOCOPIAS can be equipped with modules to define specific weight items in a loading condition. LOCOPIAS for a specific vessel can be equipped with a selection of modules required for the purpose of the vessel. You can navigate to the modules by clicking one of the Module buttons (see Main window layout, element 2). Depending on your installation, the following modules are available in LOCOPIAS:

Common operations in modules

The modules with a graphical interface have the following common functions.

Genereral operations

Zoom in views and cross sections by using the scroll wheel (third, or middle mouse button).
Pan in views and cross sections by pressing and holding the scroll wheel.
Standard selection methods in the views:
  • Left-click an item to select it.
  • Drag selection box to select a series of items.
  • <Ctrl+left-click> to toggle the selection status of (multiple)items.
  • <Ctrl+A> to select all items.
Right-click a selected item


In every module the [Check]-button is available to find out if the loading condition complies with requirements for intact stability, and, if applicable, longitudinal strength, torsion moments, air draft and damage stability. More information about the [Check]-button can be found in Check.

Result windows

You can find the [Window]→[Result windows] submenu in the module menu bar (see for example Tanks, element 1).

Result windows submenu.

Choose ‘Hydrostatics’, ‘Stability’, ‘Shear forces’, ‘Bending moments’, ‘Weights’, or, if available, ‘Torsion Moments’ to display the corresponding graph in a separate window. These graphs give real-time feedback while loading cargo or modifying contents of tanks. The option Default size/position restores the size and position of the compliance windows to the default size and position.

Stability and strength compliance windows.


You can find the [Settings] submenu in the module menu bar (see, for example, General cargo, element 1).

Draw cargo
Draws the cargo of the loading modules, other than the selected module.
Collision check
Checks if there is a collision between the selected item and the other cargo.
Settings of the cargo module.