LOCOPIAS Manual Seagoing Vessels  2021
Loading Computer Software
The Grain/bulk module can be used to load the vessel with grain or bulk cargo, it offers the following functions:

  • Selecting and positioning of movable grain bulkheads.
  • Selecting grain holds, and filling those holds by volume, weight, ullage or percentage.
  • After filling the holds, the centers of gravity and heeling moments (in case of grain) of the cargo are calculated automatically.
  • At any desired moment, stability or strength particulars can be evaluated and verified against the relevant criteria.
The LOCOPIAS grain/bulk module can be applied for vessels with:

  • A single hold or multiple holds
  • Movable grain bulkheads
A video exists in which the operation of this module is demonstrated.


Grain module layout.
1 Menu bar
Basic functionalities are accessible through the menu bar.
2 Module buttons
These buttons navigate to another module, or back to the [Main screen].
3 List of grain bulkheads
List of movable grain bulkheads.
4 List of holds
List of available holds.
5 Hold information
Particulars of the selected hold.
6 Track bar
The track bar can be used to change the filling percentage of the selected hold.
7 Side view
Possible locations of grain bulkheads are indicated red, positions where bulkheads are actually placed are displayed green.

General approach

  1. Position bulkhead(s). If the ship is equipped with movable bulkheads, you can subdivide the holds, if required.
  2. Select hold. Select the hold you want to fill.
  3. Load grain or bulk cargo. Load grain or bulk cargo.
  4. Check. Use the Stability/Strength diagrams under [Window]→[Result windows] and the [Check]-button to verify the loading condition.
  5. Output. Go to the menu [Output]→[Totals] for an overview of total loaded grain and/or bulk on screen.

Position bulkhead(s)

There are two ways to select the positions of the grain bulkheads:

  • Double-click a bulkhead in the [List of grain bulkheads] 3, and select a position for the bulkhead.
  • Double-click, or right-click on a positioned bulkhead in the side view to relocate it.

Select hold

  • Click a hold in the [List of holds] window 4.
  • Click a hold in the side view.

Load grain or bulk cargo

There are several ways to define the amount and type of cargo in the holds:

  • In the [Hold information]-window 5
    • Edit volume, weight, ullage, density or filling percentage by double clicking that value in the [Hold information]-window 5.
  • In the side view 7.
    • Left-click and hold the left mouse button at the surface of the grain or bulk and drag the mouse up and down to change the level.
    • Double-click on a hold to completely fill or empty it.
    • Right-click on a hold to open the [Modify data cargo hold]-window. Here you can edit type, weight, volume, ullage, filling percentage and the stowage factor in tons/m3, m3/ton, or ft3/ton. When you press [OK] the alternative stowage factor is automatically calculated.
  • Use the scroll-bar to change the filling percentage of the selected hold.
  • You can change the cargo from grain to bulk, by right-clicking on the grain in the side view. In the [Modify data cargo hold]-window you can set the cargo to grain or bulk.
Modify data cargo hold.


Use the Stability/Strength diagrams under [Window]→[Result windows] and the [Check]-button to verify the loading condition.


For an overview of the loaded grain and bulk weight, go to the menu [Output]→[Totals].

Total grain output.