PIAS Manual  2024
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
This is the manual for the Program of Integral Approach of Ship design, PIAS. PIAS contains modules for hull form design, fairing, definition of compartments, bulkheads and decks and a wide variety of modules for naval architectural design calculations, such as stability, (probabilistic) damage stability, longitudinal strength and a number of hydrodynamical modules. In this manual all functions and options of all modules are being discussed into detail. For more general information and (theoretical) background we refer to the internet, to www.sarc.nl/pias.

Structure of this manual

The basic structure of this manual is a one-to-one relationship between chapters and PIAS modules. For this reason, most chapter titles start with the corresponding module naam, although there are also a number of supporting chapters where for instance installation or frequently used menus are discussed, or general instructions are given. The chapter sequence is roughly:

  1. Introductory chapters and installation details.
  2. Hull form design, linesplan and fairing, notably the Fairway module.
  3. Definition of hullform and other items related to the external geometry, on module Hulldef.
  4. Hull form transformation.
  5. Everything related to internal geometry, such as bulkheads, decks, compartments, tank volume, sounding tables etc., in particular on the Layout module.
  6. The production of hydrostatics or stability-related tables, notably on the Hydrotables module, but also ob e.g. Maxchain and Grainmom.
  7. Loading and intact stability, on module Loading.
  8. Damage stability, also probabilistic with the Probdam module.
  9. Resistance and propulsion.
  10. And finally, a number of auxiliary chapters on modules which play no central role in PIAS, although they may provide useful assistance.

A novice is advised to start with the introductory Getting started with PIAS, while the more advanced users will find their way browsing.

Contact details

PIAS is produced by the company SARC, with the following full contact details:

Scheepsbouwkundig Advies en Reken Centrum (SARC) BV

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1404 JD Bussum

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 85 04 09 040

Web www.sarc.nl

Email sarc@sarc.nl Support support@sarc.nl

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