PIAS Manual  2021
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Cargoquip: definition of cargo equipment
Module Loading contains many useful tools for exploiting specific characteristics of cargo types or loading tools, such as for container loading, RoRo loading, grain loading and shipboard cranes. All these categories have rather ship-specific features, such as container castings, power connections for reefer containers, decks and lanes for RoRo cargo, attachment points for the lashings of containers and trucks, crane dimensions and capacity, grain bulkheads etc. This is ship-specific input, and it has been considered to give it a place in other input modules, such as Hulldef or Layout. However, in order not to overload these modules with options, it was decided to segregate this input into a separate module, called Cargoquip.
The level of discussion in this module is somewhat more general than in the rest of this manual. After all, by the time the user has arrived at these static ship details, he or she will have gone through the entire cycle of hull and compartment input, as well as performing many calculations. For such a seasoned user, not every menu needs to be covered in great detail. Therefore, the concepts of and relations between the various data will be more important here than the precise menu structure.
Nevertheless, this module has still been designed with one submenu per equipment category:

Equipment for container cargo

This section will be elaborated by the autumn of 2021.

Equipment for RoRo cargo

Further to be elaborated for other cargo types....