PIAS Manual  2021
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Print compartment input data

Print input data of selected compartments

The input data of all selected compartments will be printed with this option. The aim of this table of inpit is to inform an outsider on the shape and core properties of the defined compartments. For this reason only raw measurements are being printed, and not auxiliary definition aids such as distances to reference planes, neither do bulkhead or deck parameters belong to the output.

Three-dimensional views of selected compartments

With this option all selected compartments are printed subsequently, where for each compartment the same viewing angle is applied as used in Compartment definition window.

Difference between internal and external geometry

With this option a graph is drawn, where on many cross sections the difference between sectional area (derived from hullform) and the sum of the compartment areas (derived from compartment definition) is displayed. This difference, which should be zero theoretically, may indicate the presence of lacking or double compartment definition. For probabilistic damage stability calculations this check is recommended. Besides, small differences may occur due to properties of the numerical methods used. The configuration ‘difference internal/external geometry with external hullforms’, as discussed in Settings for compartments and tank sounding tables, is applicable to this area comparison.

Define views/sections of compartment plan

With this option views and sections of the compartment plan can be specified, please refer to Sketches of tanks, compartments and damage cases for further discussion and an example.

Draw compartment plan

With this option the compartment plan, as specified with the previous option, is drawn. A compartment plan contains a number of views or sections which are printed one by one. This gives a fairly well insight in the compartment definition, and is fit to be included in stability booklets for that purpose. However, for a more versatile output method reference is made the the subdivision plan, as discussed in Subdivision plan. Such a plan can also contain other items, such as bulkheads, decks and openings.