LOCOPIAS Manual Seagoing Vessels  2023
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LOCOPIAS has no protection against copying. Therefore, for any given vessel, LOCOPIAS may be distributed at the discretion of the owner, for example for office use or training. Although flexible, use of LOCOPIAS is not without restrictions, see License conditions. LOCOPIAS is produced by:

Landstraat 5

1404 JD Bussum

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 85 04 09 040

Web www.sarc.nl
Email sarc@sarc.nl


New and updated versions of LOCOPIAS are distributed on a USB-stick or via the download section of the SARC website www.sarc.nl. Access to LOCOPIAS installation files is granted after entering the username and matching password. Again, distribution of username and password is at the discretion of the owner.

License conditions


Scheepsbouwkundig Advies & RekenCentrum (SARC) BV

Landstraat 5

1404 JD Bussum, The Netherlands

Web www.sarc.nl , Email sarc@sarc.nl

Licensor grants to user who accepts, subject to the following terms and conditions, a nonexclusive right to use the LOCOPIAS software:

  1. The software may be used on board of that specific single vessel the software was destined for. If applied to that single specific vessel it may also be used at the ship owner's shore office, and at the shipyard where that vessel was built.
  2. For archival and security purposes the software may be copied in its entirety or partly, but only for use by the user.
  3. User shall not modify, adjust, translate, counterfeit, decompile, demount, disassemble the software or make works that are based on it.
  4. For the current system requirements for LOCOPIAS, please refer to the information on our website www.sarc.nl/system-requirements
  5. Licensor is the owner of the software and documentation, and also owns its copyright. Only the license is purchased by the user.
  6. Subject to an attributable failing or a wonderful act, the user cannot hold SARC liable for any damage resulting from, or related to, the use of or not being able to use the software, and indemnifies the licensor against all claims of third parties due to such damage.
  7. The liability of SARC for damages suffered by the customer, being the result of an attributable failing or wonderful act, is limited to the purchase price of the software license.
  8. The restriction from the previous article does not apply in case of foul play or serious misconduct, in which case the liability is limited to €250,000.
  9. To licensors best knowledge the software is correct. Licensor does not warrant the correctness of the software or any part of it however.
  10. Updates of the software, if applicable, will in general only contain enhancements and extended functionality. However, licensor does not guarantee that functions of less importance will always remain to exist. Additionally, licensor does not guarantee that updates will always lead to exactly the same calculation results as the original software (for example, in an update a more exact calculation procedure might be applied).
  11. Even if the software is initially approved by a regulatory body or a classification society, licensor does not guarantee that this approval will remain valid eternally, or that this approval is also applicable to updates of the software.
  12. User is obliged to ensure that the terms and conditions of this agreement are also valid for subsequent owners.
  13. This agreement shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the Netherlands. Disputes will be subjected to the judgment of a Dutch court.

Last modification date of these license conditions: January 30, 2018


LOCOPIAS is accepted by all major classification societies and complies with Cat. B and C of ISO standard 16155. (Shipboard Loading Instruments). Just below, some of the type approval certificates of PIAS and LOCOPIAS of some major bodies have been included. Other societies may not issue type approval certificates at all, or SARC has not requested for such certificates. In that case classification societies have approval procedures for each ship-specific LOCOPIAS version. Note that no LOCOPIAS version has ever been denied approval by any of the classification societies SARC has come across, regardless whether or not that class had issued type approval certificates for LOCOPIAS or PIAS.

So, each ship-specific LOCOPIAS version requires in general an individual appraisal by a classification society or authority. The availability of a type approval certificate can assist in that procedure, but is not always required. And if a ship-specific certificate has been issued, the type approval certificate — and its expiry date — is not relevant anymore. After all, if updates of LOCOPIAS would be installed they would require a renewed ship-specific appraisal, but existing LOCOPIAS's are continuously covered by their ship-specific certificate.

Certificate Germanischer Lloyd.
Certificate Norwegian Maritime Directorate.
Certificate Netherlands Shipping Inspection.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2021-2024) 1/2.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2021-2024) 2/2.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2021-2024) 1/2.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2021-2024) 2/2.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2012-2017) 1/2.
Certificate Lloyd's Register (2012-2017) 2/2.