PIAS Manual  2022
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Remove Polycurve

This action allows the user to remove one or more polycurves from solids. It is started from [Polycurves]→[Remove Polycurve] or the keys <Alt><P><N>, as well as from the context menu after clicking the right mouse button on a polycurve in the tree view. Polycurves may be selected before or after starting the action, which are then rendered transparently to show that they will be removed when the action is applied. As usual, polycurves can be added or removed from the selection by holding the <Ctrl> key. A sequence of polycurves is easiest selected from the tree view, by holding the <Shift> key or by dragging across items. If the polycurve cannot be removed completely, because another polycurve starts or ends on it, then the remaining part will be rendered in white. The action panel shows how many polycurves will be removed completely and how many partially. A remaining part can be removed completely by adding the polycurves that end on it to the selection.

Removing polycurves

Remove points

If the option [Remove Points] is checked, then the points on selected polycurves will be removed from intersecting polycurves as well; knuckles excluded. If unchecked, then no points will be removed, which prevents crossing curves from changing shape.


Analogous to Position sets, the [Position-Sets] tab in the [Remove Polycurve] action panel allows all polycurves in active solids at positions in checked sets to be selected at once. Position-sets can be edited by pressing the [Edit Position-Sets...] button, as described in Polycurve positions sets.

You may switch back to the [Individual Selection] tab see the selection information, and optionally add or remove polycurves to and from the selection.

Assume frames exist at 0.0m, 30.0m and 60.0m. Next, frames are added at a position-set with frames between 0.0m and 60.0m at an interval of 0.50m. Now if this set is used to remove polycurves, then the original frames at 0.0m, 30.0m and 60.0m will be removed as well. This can be prevented by deselecting specific polycurves before applying the action, or by locking the polycurves in the Tree view before checking the position set.