PIAS Manual  2021
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Connect Points

One way to add polycurves to a network is the use of [New Planar Polycurve by Intersection]. Alternatively, you can weave a new polycurve through existing points with the action initiated from the menu at [Polycurves]→[Connect Points] or with the keys <Alt><P><C>. This action can also be used to extend an existing polycurve; for which the action can be started from the contect menu in the tree view.

Optionally create a new polycurve first.

If you wish to create a new polycurve, then fill out a suitable name and press the [Create] button. Next you will be able to pick the start point of the new polycurve, followed by successive points that the curve is to pass through.

Setting the connection type and the point type filter.

The resulting curve can be chosen to run smoothly through the next point, or producing a knuckle. Points can be filtered out by type, by unchecking one or more of the checkboxes. These settings can be changed individually from connection to connection. Finish by pressing [Apply] or <Enter>.

This action is equipped with its own undo/redo functionality, so that an erroneously connected point in a sequence of connections can simply be undone and corrected without having to start over. This functionality becomes available after at least two points have been connected. For as long as this action is open, the global undo functionality is unavailable.