PIAS Manual  2022
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Bulk Change of All Curves

This action, started from [Objects]→[Bulk Change of All Curves] (keys <Alt><O><B>), allows select manipulations that can be done on individual curves using Change the shape of a curve to be done in bulk on all curves in active solids and wireframes simultaneously.

Bulk curve manipulation.

Four different kinds of changes can be made. The first option makes changes to internal points. This can be practical when curves are defined with densely spaced points, which can occur in some imported wireframes. There are two sub-options that either redistribute points based on the number of spline control points, similar to [Redistribute], or delete altogether, similar to [Clear]. Note that all unconnected points in a wireframe are considered internal, so before deleting internal points you should consider connecting curves using [Wireframe connections].

The second option is available when points exist with non-neutral weights, and neutralizes these. This is only applicable to solids. See Basics of Fairway on the influence of point weights.

The third option allows the mean fairing deviation to be changed on all curves. Alternatively, all curves can be made to interpolate points exactly. Consider using the latter on an imported wireframe where curves are known to pass through points exactly, to be able to connect curves with a low tolerance. The input field for the default mean fairing deviation is identical in function to [General Fairway settings], so any future curves will get an initial mean fairing deviation with this value.

Finally, the last option fairs all curves anew taking the preceding options into account. This option is selected by default. Prior to fairing, this option performs two additional services that should normally go unnoticed: first it rounds the position of planar polycurves to within 0.01mm, then it makes sure that points lie in constraining planes.