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Job opportunity: Naval Architect (English)

The vacancy

Our policy is to involve all employees as much as possible in all activities. This ultimately means a varied job, with activities in the field of software development, design consultancy, hull shape design, naval architectural calculations, as well as performing inclining tests and software installations on board ships and providing software support and courses. Additionally, non-technical work is also part of this job, e.g. exhibition presentations, development of documentation, maintaining customer contacts and drawing up quotations.

However, in general it may take some time to master the skills in all areas, so the initial focus will be on performing naval architectural calculations and contributing to the design work.

Desired education and experience:

  • Bachelor or master level in naval architecture or maritime technology.
  • Preferably some years of relevant experience.
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written, in English (and preferably also working knowledge of Dutch).
  • Independence and a customer-oriented, flexible attitude.
  • Accuracy and feeling for numbers.
  • Experience with PIAS is an advantage.
  • Experience with software development is an advantage, but not required.

Company description

SARC is a company that has been developing and applying specialized maritime software for more than 35 years. At this moment the most important activities are:

  • Development, sales and support of the naval architectural design software PIAS.
  • Development, sales and support of the loading software LOCOPIAS.
  • Providing design and engineering support in the fields of design, hydrostatics and stability, damage stability, resistance and propulsion etc.

The customer base comprises the vast majority of the relevant Dutch maritime industry, as wll as a growing number of  designers and ship owners worldwide.

SARC currently employs twelve enthusiastic naval architects.


For further information please contact Mr. H.J. Koelman, tel. 085-0409046, e-mail

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