PIAS Manual  2021
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Threedimensional presentation
Rendered view, with surface model of hull.
Rendered view, with sectional model of hull, including container slots.

With this option one can produce a three-dimensional rendered view, like in the above figure. In general, this is identical to the 3D view in the GUI, and naturally these functions are applcable, which are discussed in Operation in the 3D subwindows. It differs insofar as that in the GUI the functions must be called upon through a popup box, which is activated with the right mouse button, while the functions are in the upper bar here, so they are more accessible. When drawing such a rendered view, one has to be aware of two issues:

  • When the drawing of hull frame lines is switched off, such objects can sometimes actually be drawn. But those are the compartment frame lines, to be recognized by the color of the compartment.
  • Drawing hull lines and/or planes is only possible when such a model is actually present and when it has been activated in module Config, see Calculation methods and output preferences.