LOCOPIAS Manual Inland Waterway Vessels  2022
Loading Computer Software
Verification of the calculation results
According to classification societies the check of correct working of the software on board is essential for the vessel's safety. Therefore, these societies have rules and guidelines for periodical testing of the loading and stability software. These guidelines can also be found in, amongst others, “IMO — Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Circ.1108”, “IACS S1 Requirements for Loading Conditions, Loading Manuals and Loading Instruments” and “EBIS questionnaire edition 8”.

Verify calculation results

A “Ship-specific data and test conditions booklet” is included with the class-approved loading software. It is of vital importance that the input data for the test conditions in the computer are equal to those in this booklet. Therefore, the results from the test calculations should be identical to those in this booklet.

Ship-specific data and test conditions booklet

This booklet can be found through clicking the [Help] button and click on [Test conditions]. A PDF reader is required.

Help menu
In pre-June 2019 versions it can be found through clicking [Help] button, [Manual] button and click on [Ship-specific data and test conditions booklet].

Help menu
In pre-October 2017 versions it can be found through clicking [Help] button, [Manual] button and click on [Appendices].

Help menu
The booklet can also be found in the following directory C:\locopias\SHIPNAME\manual\. A stamped and approved booklet is also obligatory on board. This stamped and approved copy is not included in LOCOPIAS.

Calculate test conditions

To calculate the predefined “Test conditions” click the Output icon followed by [Test conditions].

Output test conditions
In the “TEST CONDITIONS” pop-up window you can select a specific condition by clicking the radio buttons and a corresponding calculation type. By clicking the [OK] button LOCOPIAS will calculate the selected condition and calculation type.

Test conditions

Compare and verify

For each predefined loading condition all types of calculations must be compared with the “Ship-specific data and test conditions booklet”. All results must be compared and verified. In the example below only the summary is shown. However, in reality the complete calculation must be compared and verified.

Compare calculation results

Verification forms

Verification forms are included in chapter “Verification forms” of the “Ship-specific data and test conditions booklet” to keep a record of these checks.

Verification form