PIAS Manual  2021
Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign
Scale Objects

All active solids and wireframes can be scaled with the action started from [Solids]→[Scale Objects] or with the keys <Alt><O><C>. Objects can be activated and deactivated at any time by toggling their [Access] checkbox in the tree view.

Configuration of the scaling action.

The objects can be scaled by changing the scale factors or by changing the over all size of the active objects combined (assuming transverse symmetry). If the [Keep aspect ratio] check box is marked, then objects are scaled with equal factors in all three dimensions.

If the scaling is performed on the object that the design main dimensions apply to (see Main dimensions (design) & hull coefficients), then you are encouraged to mark the [Design main dimensions] check box. This will cause the design main dimensions to be scaled as well, and allow you to define the scaling by changing the main dimensions.

The design main dimensions do not necessarily agree with the current geometric state of the hull. For example, if your design moulded breadth is 10m, but the hull is actually broader, scaling to a moulded breadth of 12m does not produce an actual beam of 12m; it will be more than that. In this case it would be appropriate to first scale the over all breadth to 10m while leaving the [Design main dimensions] box unchecked, to obtain agreement between the model and the design moulded breadth.
The names of polycurves remain unchanged, you may want to update them to reflect their new position using [Systemize polycurve names].